Communication & Team Building

Effective communication and a strong sense of team leads to higher employee satisfaction, increased retention, and a superior experience for your customer. 

  • Do your employees communicate effectively with each other?
  • Are your customers receiving a consistent and positive experience? 
  • Is everyone working together toward a well-defined, common goal?

Quantum Bounce has a variety of workshops and team building exercises to assist you in defining your culture, creating a positive atmosphere, and building a strong vision for the future. 

The Patient Experience

In today's highly competitive healthcare environment, the overall patient experience is quickly becoming the most important factor when deciding where to receive care.

  • Are you managing "The Patient Experience" in your office?
  • Are you confident your patients are having a positive experience?
  • What is your culture saying to the patient?

Quantum Bounce has a variety of workshops to assist you in defining or changing your office culture.  Let us help you improve the patient experience.  

About Us

Quantum Bounce is a consulting company committed to improving the workplace environment for the employer, the employee, and the customer.

Our belief is that by becoming aware of your personal strengths and blindspots you obtain the knowledge that when properly applied can allow anyone to become a genius at their job.

Let us help you employ an office of geniuses.  

Hiring & Assessment

Employees are your most valuable asset.  Effectively managing this asset is key to success in today's market.

  • Are you evaluating potential new hires on more that skill set?
  • Do you have the right people in the right roles?
  • What are your employees' strengths and blindspots?
  • What motivates your employees?
  • What is the true cost of employee turnover?

Quantum Bounce has a unique set of tools and skills to help you know the answer to these and many more questions.