"Our team has benefitted tremendously from the Quantum Bounce team building sessions.  We have seen growth in these young women as a team and individually, with some players emerging from sessions stating that "this has changed my life."

The results can be seen in our players both on and off the field."

Therese C.

"Christine works with our clients to help them understand the key strengths of their workforce! She amazing and talented and we have seen huge growth for our clients because of her work!!"

Kiley Hix BBSI Orem

"​Christine has been so helpful in my hiring process that I cannot say enough good things about her and her program. If you have not met with her set up an appointment, and if you have met with her, you need to hire her!"

Jacob Menke - Zions Security Alarms

"Chris' teachings have impacted our girls on and off the field. The base skills they have adopted, & the team bonding experiences, have had an immeasurable affect on our players as individuals & our team's success."

Jimmie Powell

Director of Coaching

Utah Avalanche ECNL